What? I’m a writer, we get excited when get nomimated for things. It’s what we’re like. Besides, this is a more interesting election than the other one.

Anyway, word reaches me that I’ve been put forward for a MAD award (best new blog), so I’m all chuffed. Or I was until I looked at the amount of entries and the quality of the competition (warning, if you go blog reading in the links there you’ll lose hours) (and if you do do that, don’t forget to vote for me first :-) ).

Nah, who am I kidding? I’m still chuffed.

Anyway, the point is that there’s some top entries over there well worth reading if you’re into the dad/mum blogging sceneĀ (The awards are on Twitter too.) and if you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the blogging water then there’s a guide there for that.

Now is it unethical to create email addresses for your unborn child and have him vote…

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Religion has been quite a tricky topic in our household, even pre-children. I’m as agnostic as they come (prove it!), while the wife is a die-hard athiest (she hates it when you claim that it’s a faith of its own).

We’re both educated in various religions and the thought is if the children want to pick one when older and fully informed, they can. It’s their choice and we’re not brainwashing them (of course, living in the West Coast of Scotland so adds to that challenge, but that’s a post for another day).

Anyway, despite going to a Protestant non-denomenational school, which you would imagine teaches all faiths (as long as they are Protestant) we had our first major hiccup with the Muslim faith the other day… Read More

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Graeme Rose sent me a tweet yesterday and I was a bit busy at the time. All I saw was a reference to the film Kick Ass and groaned (long story, will explain at the end*). When I actually saw what he was talking about, I couldn’t believe it – a cinema in Dundee is giving parents the chance to take under-18 month old kids into this ultra-violent film.
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The story’s here, but dear God what sort of moron doesn’t check URLs and brand names in this day and age…incredible. Well done More4Mums for finding out about this. And Kudos to Gordon Macintyre Kemp for revealing it.

And before anyone asks – this isn’t about anti-gay or anti-sex (I’m very much in favour of both as long as it’s with consenting adults) – it’s a) about not having to worry about what the little one is looking at online (even though she never is at home, only at school) and b) that we have such half-wits in charge of branding at a Government level.

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