(I’m just amazed I stayed awake. Normally a sleepy cuddle from madam puts me out as well.)

(And yes, all attempts at getting the thumb out of the mouth have failed spectacularly as you can see.)

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Religion has been quite a tricky topic in our household, even pre-children. I’m as agnostic as they come (prove it!), while the wife is a die-hard athiest (she hates it when you claim that it’s a faith of its own).

We’re both educated in various religions and the thought is if the children want to pick one when older and fully informed, they can. It’s their choice and we’re not brainwashing them (of course, living in the West Coast of Scotland so adds to that challenge, but that’s a post for another day).

Anyway, despite going to a Protestant non-denomenational school, which you would imagine teaches all faiths (as long as they are Protestant) we had our first major hiccup with the Muslim faith the other day… Read More

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Saturday, April 3 9:14pm

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One wee one lies sleeping Read More

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Dear Daughter 15/3/10: Something changed…

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(Good God, where has the time gone…)
So there we were, out at The Glasgow Pram Centre, looking at things to buy for Bump and his/her room and we were in the area with cots and decorated rooms and I just glimpsed over at you – as you were playing with one of the musical mobiles – probably trying to find something that plays It’s A Small Word as you loved that on your own – and your wee face just… changed. Read More

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Dear Daughter 4/2/10: so not Kramer v Kramer

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You’re not staying in the house just now (you and your mum are elsewhere for perfectly natural reasons) but it was a bit of a horrible insight into what divorce kids and parents must go through when I dropped you off at your Nana’s today and you were all clingy and wouldn’t let go, muttering ‘stay Dadda’. Horrible feeling and certainly made me see the other side of when my folks split*

That or you were totally playing me.

Either way, when you come home, the garage has been demolished. I wonder if I can convince you that it was because you were naughty for something…

*I never saw much of your Grandad when I was growing up, but there was this one time – when I was about eight – that access had been agreed and I got into the back of his car along with his new family and promptly burst into tears. And I just remember him saying ‘it’s alright, I’ll see you when you’re ready’** which at the time I never gave much thought to, but after seeing how asshole some parents are about divorces, was quite a cool move.

**Of course, that being ready would be nearly another decade and a bunch of shenanigans inbetween involving tabloid media and so on, but that’s a tale for another day.

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Dear Daughter 2/2/10: Favourite pics #1

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Trying to tidy up the desktop and I came across this pic of you and it’s a wee belter. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a fan of reportage style shots more than posed shots, but even though you can only see a bit of your face, there’s something just right about it.
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Calvin and Hobbes small strip link(putting this one to both of you as you better both read it)

One joy that we found clearing out the garage, getting ready for the extension work, so you two have decent living space, was the old Calvin and Hobbes books that I bought (some for me, some for the then girlfriend) and it was one of the things that your mum and I both agreed were going to stay – and then I found this new, rare interview with the author.

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