Why I never wanted to be Neil Armstrong

Posted by Craig on Monday Aug 27, 2012 Under Being a dad

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a space nut – from spending £50 on books about the Space Shuttle system to the glee at receiving a NASA cup from the brother/sister-in-law and trying to talk the wife into parting with £7,000 at the weekend for some NASA autographs – so no surprise that I think it’s really sad that Neil Armstrong has died.

And while I’ve known his name longer than the names of half my family, I tell you one thing, I would never have wanted to be him.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still like to think that I might walk on the moon one day – or at least get into space – but in his first marriage, Armstrong lost a daughter Karen (and many wonder if he left a tribute to her on the moon. Notoriously private Armstrong never said publicly if he did) to a brain tumour when she was under three years old.

Now I know the two aren’t related, but I look at the three bundles of chaos and energy I have running about the house (well, one’s reading a book to avoid tidying her room, the other two are being hurricanes) and I can’t imagine a life without them. It would be easier to imagine a world without a moon.

So RIP Neil Armstrong, thank you to you and your team for all you did, but I would never have wanted to be you.

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