Quick review: SECC babyshow – worth going to?

Posted by Craig on Saturday Apr 24, 2010 Under Bits, bobs, odds, sods, Reviews

Just a quick review of the SECC babyshow (I’ll do a longer review later) as time is pressed, I’ll just do highs and lows…


  1. If you are into reusable nappies you are in for a treat as there’s about five companies selling them
  2. There’s some really interesting and unique items on sale
  3. Mothercare have a great discount on – but combine the show discount with the baby and me club voucher booklet to save even more
  4. If you join Costco, it’s cheaper for the Bio-oil than the Bio-oil stand
  5. Emma’s Diary is worth looking out for and signing up
  6. There’s a mini-creche and also a play area for kids
  7. There’s quite a lot to look at
  8. Stokke have a nice layout and friendly/informative staff on hand. Go see their large, oversized furniture
  9. Lots of buggies on display
  10. More4Mums are there – go support the internet retailers!
  11. Good-sized baby changing area


  1. Entry is £8 (you get a free showguide worth £4 though) and parking is £6 on top of that
  2. NPower are absolute swines at the place. They’ll pounce on you constantly
  3. It could be very busy. The Friday was
  4. Lots of people talking about reusable nappies
  5. Some of the stuff will have you saying WTF
  6. Did I mention the NPower ambush squads?
  7. There’s not a lot of stuff on show-special discounts compared to previous years
  8. Not a lot of larger, practical parenting items like sterilisers on sale
  9. NPower are probably preparing bear traps as we speak to trap you in order to speak to you

Is it worth going to? I have to say I thought so and had a great time. There’s some quirky things there and it seemed like less of a chore than when I went in previous years but the wife thought it was better in the past, each to their own I suppose.

Oh and one last thing: when did Glasgow become iCandy capital of Europe? Seriously, every second pushchair seemed to be one of them.

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