Saturday, April 3 9:14pm

Posted by Craig on Saturday Apr 3, 2010 Under Bits, bobs, odds, sods, Dear Bump..., Dear Daughter...

One wee one lies sleeping, curled up in a ball, almost like a wee hamster scurrying away from any light that might disturb, sooking her thumb, the other arm hooked round her favourite ted and a brand-new Easter Bunny; she’s finally fallen asleep after worries the Bunny wouldn’t come because she hasn’t managed to give up thumb-sucking. She said she’d be dreaming about what she can do with two whole weeks off school, though given she had a bedtime treat of watching a film, I’d expect some Disney/Alice in Wonderland characters to pop into the dreams too.

I kiss her forehead gently as she murmurs a little. I wonder where five years went and wish they had been in more slow-motion.

I go next door and the other lady of the house is also out like a light, trying to get some restful sleep to take the strain off her sore legs and back. Again, all cosied-up like a hamster, but she’ll wake up in the middle of the night a few times before giving up the ghost around 6am, but between now and then there should be some respite. I don’t lean over to kiss her forehead because if I wake her up there will be hell to pay.

And inside her sleeps and dreams a little bundle of something. For you the world is always quite dark still (your mum probably shouldn’t have work so much navy and black all the time), but it’s warm – cramped, but warm. I have no idea what your little dreams are like – probably of somewhere you can stretch without hitting organs – but I hope they’re nice and I hope they let you know you’re loved. Failing that, I hope you feel loved.

It’s not a wild Saturday night by any definition – in fact it hardly has a pulse – but seeing you three, still, content, at peace. I’ll take that tonight. The wind can howl outside and it can stay there. In here, it’s tranquil sleeps for all.

Sleep tight the three of you.

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