Dear Daughter 15/3/10: Something changed…

Posted by Craig on Monday Mar 15, 2010 Under Dear Daughter...

(Good God, where has the time gone…)
So there we were, out at The Glasgow Pram Centre, looking at things to buy for Bump and his/her room and we were in the area with cots and decorated rooms and I just glimpsed over at you – as you were playing with one of the musical mobiles – probably trying to find something that plays It’s A Small Word as you loved that on your own – and your wee face just… changed.

It wasn’t a hardening or anything, but it was almost as if a part of you just went into focus, as if internally you realised that this is a bit of a gamechanger, that you aren’t the baby any more and there’s a new baby coming along.

It was almost, on some level, as if you became aware of your mortality, but you’ve always been quite OK with Death as a concept (going as far as to ask your mum if you can have her jewellery when she’s gone) so I don’t think it was anything like that.

I came over to make sure you were OK and you said you were, but your wee hands – to me – seemed that little bit longer, more defined with lines, with life.

I put my hand over yours and we listened to the tune for a while before going back to looking at furniture. Nothing played It’s A Small World, but that’s OK, because for you it shouldn’t be.

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