Review: Dad’s cab on the Nokia

Posted by Craig on Tuesday Feb 2, 2010 Under Reviews

Dad’s Cab appears to be a little Ovi Store app for Nokia phones that lets you run up a taxi-style meter for your kids. Now, it’s a free app and designed more as fun than anything else, but there’s actually a few practical uses for this one…

Back in the days when I didn’t drive, the good lady would take me many places and it would have been interesting to see what the cost of that would have been in total, but for kids this could be a good little way of showing them the value of things – and why, sometimes it is better to plan ahead and be ready (so you can take the normally cheaper and more envornmentally friendly bus or train) than leave everything to the last minute and do a taxi or car dash.

It could also be handy amongst mates and a way of making sure everyone does their fair bit of being a designated driver type. Or if you do genuinely have a taxi mate and you want to keep a tab of what you owe him (you could even extend it and – if it could match the real taxi meter fares in each city – use it when in a cab to make sure you aren’t being ripped off by an overclocked taxi meter).

Having said that, it does appear to be a tad sexist in that you can’t change it to Mum’s Cab but it’s still a bit of fun for those who like that sort of thing.

(And yes, it’s technically only half a review as I don’t have a Nokia to hand, but it caught my eye and seemed quirky)

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