So Santa visits Braehead…

Posted by Craig on Monday Dec 10, 2012 Under Being a dad, Dear Daughter..., Reviews

It’s that time of year when – as well as far too many adults making drunken trips to the panto (seriously, what is that about?) – Santa comes to many a toy shop and shopping centre and children line up to visit him.

But here’s a hook for you: how about seeing Santa in real snow? (Note, this is quite a long post but the Darling Daughter has a shorter take on the day out in her little blog.) Read More

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Great, my daughter is trying to kill me.

Posted by Craig on Thursday Nov 22, 2012 Under Being a dad, Dear Daughter..., Reviews

Just look at that face of innocence in that picture below… that’s my daughter trying to kill me. Read More

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If the Asda Xmas ad is sexist why isn’t she cooking naked?

Posted by Craig on Thursday Nov 8, 2012 Under Dad stuff

Some people really do get upset over nothing. Take the latest Asda Xmas advert…

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Why I never wanted to be Neil Armstrong

Posted by Craig on Monday Aug 27, 2012 Under Being a dad

Anyone that knows me knows I’m a space nut – from spending £50 on books about the Space Shuttle system to the glee at receiving a NASA cup from the brother/sister-in-law and trying to talk the wife into parting with £7,000 at the weekend for some NASA autographs – so no surprise that I think it’s really sad that Neil Armstrong has died.

And while I’ve known his name longer than the names of half my family, I tell you one thing, I would never have wanted to be him.

Don’t get me wrong, I would still like to think that I might walk on the moon one day – or at least get into space – but in his first marriage, Armstrong lost a daughter Karen (and many wonder if he left a tribute to her on the moon. Notoriously private Armstrong never said publicly if he did) to a brain tumour when she was under three years old.

Now I know the two aren’t related, but I look at the three bundles of chaos and energy I have running about the house (well, one’s reading a book to avoid tidying her room, the other two are being hurricanes) and I can’t imagine a life without them. It would be easier to imagine a world without a moon.

So RIP Neil Armstrong, thank you to you and your team for all you did, but I would never have wanted to be you.

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(Sorry been away from the blog so long, three children and being self-employed will do that)

A heads-up – don’t buy from Arnold Clark. Here’s why…
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REVIEW: Amazon Kindle 3G – the poor man’s iPad

Posted by Craig on Wednesday Mar 30, 2011 Under Bits, bobs, odds, sods, Reviews

Tablets are still the hot topic and, being a geek, I have of course lusted after one since the iPad came out. However, the price, battery life and weight of it put me off a bit – especially as 90% of the time it would be a glorified book. But I finally caved in and treated myself to a Kindle.

And you know what? It’s probably my favourite piece of tech kit ever…

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Dear Daughter: Geek gene ACTIVATED

Posted by Craig on Monday Jan 24, 2011 Under Dear Daughter...

For once this wasn’t my fault: Junior (as I call her) went away to her Gramps the other week and stayed there along with her (older) cousins. When she came back, it was sonic screwdrivers ahoy – she’s turned into a little Dr Who geekette, but is the world ready for the crossover with the Disney Princesses?

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(sorry this blog has been so quiet for, oh, give or take seven months…)

They really are you know. And here’s the proof…

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Quick review: SECC babyshow – worth going to?

Posted by Craig on Saturday Apr 24, 2010 Under Bits, bobs, odds, sods, Reviews

Just a quick review of the SECC babyshow (I’ll do a longer review later) as time is pressed, I’ll just do highs and lows… Read More

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Picked up a Kodak Zi8 for work purposes the other day, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that I’ll be using it for personal uses as well, but how does it shape up as a video camera for capturing the family moments? What’s the good points and the bad points? Is it worth the £120 or so that it costs?

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